“The small Poljica is located in a beautiful high valley, where there is no communication and where people can defend themselves very well. The isolation of this little state and its resources, which nature provided to its inhabitants, taught them not to yield to others and to reject servitude.”

“Everything in this country speaks in its favor, both the way it is perceived and the way it is governed. There is nothing more proper and diligent than their land cultivation, nothing more decent than their villages and nothing fairer than their regulations.”

Marshal Marmont in his book of memoirs
Napoleon's supreme commander, upon breaking the resistance of the people of Poljica in 1807, abolished the 700-year-old Republic of Poljica

Let everyone live

Poljički statut, 1440

Surrounded by raging conquering powers, the inhabitants of Poljica safeguarded their freedom in their nest hidden in the rocky terrain, their most precious treasure. Their justice and humanity are summed up in the provision of the Poljica Statute “let everyone live”

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